Apr 9

APS microinverters available now

Aps image prop

Altenergy Power Systems (APS) entered the Australian grid-connected PV inverter market in late 2011 with the YC200 microinverter range, and the product is already having quite an impact in the residential sector.

APS was founded in Silicon Valley in the US in 2009 and the company has offices in Jiaxing, near Shanghai, Cupertino in California and Sydney, Australia.

The APS YC200 microinverter has a modern, high-efficiency topology contained within a robust mechanical housing. The inverter can be easily mounted on the rails behind each module or attached directly to each module frame. The YC200 brings all of the advantages of AC Solar systems in a no fuss, simple to install package.

Each microinverter communicates via a power line carrier signal to an Energy Control Unit (ECU) which provides a local indication of system status and when connected to the internet it regularly uploads system data to a centralised database. Installers and their customers can log on via the APS website to monitor the performance of their systems at a level of detail simply not available with conventional string inverters. Access to the monitoring service is at no additional cost.

The AC Solar Warehouse has been independently monitoring a number of APS microinverter installations for some time and in our experience the performance of the inverters the monitoring system has been impressive. Most importantly, all of the installations we have been involved with to date have gone smoothly and the products have functioned as expected ‘out of the box’ every time.

If you would like to know more about the APS microinverter range or have questions about using the product in an installation - check out the specs and manuals accessed through the online store, send us an email at info@acsolarwarehouse.com, or give us a call during business hours on 1300 55 44 67.