Radiant is a manufacturer of high quality, long life solar racking systems made from aluminium and stainless steel. Radiant developed an innovative new design that allows components to be clipped into the base rails allowing installation to be extremely quick and reliable.   With components being clipped into the racking the risk of dropping components into cutters wasting valuable time and cost is significantly reduced. The Radiant racking systems are ideal for AC Solar installations in Australia as they include clips designed specifically for AC cables, mounting clamps for microinverters and mounting plates for AC isolators. The racking systems have structural engineer certification for use in all locations in Australia including cyclonic and highly corrosive regions. Radiant racking have a unique click together system for many of the components allowing installation time to be significantly reduced.  No more fetching of bolts, end clamps, mid clamps etc which have slid down the roof into the gutter!

Experienced installers using this racking system are experiencing significant improvements in productivity. The take up in Australia has been rapid with Radiant racking being used for domestic and commercial solar installations in all major centres – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and regional locations. Radiant racking combined with AUO solar modules and high quality microinverters provide the ultimate in long life, high performance and reliable solar systems.

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