Edge Protection

Leading the way in engineering compliant, versatile and easy-to-use solar installation edge protection

The safest solution

95% of Edge Protection can be assembled from the ground. Making it the safest height safety solution on the market. It’s also rigorously designed and independently tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009.

You can rest assure your solar installation business is meeting the required safety standards.


More cost effective

Solar installers love that Edge Protection is approximately 40% cheaper than scaffolding.  It is available when you need it and can be re-used over and over for years to come.

Easy to create efficiency

Edge Protection can take as little as 2 minutes per lineal meter to assemble.  Once it’s all in place, you’re then able to move around more freely without the hassle of a harness.  Which means your solar installation time is reduced saving you time and money.

The E Bracket

The E Bracket® is designed to fit to existing and new buildings. It provides for excellent clearance with both timber and metal fascia systems, as well as all gutter profiles given its adjustability. It utilises either one of the two different foot mounts for flat soffits, gable ends, exposed rafters, sloped soffits and face mounting.


Suitable for

  • Single & Double storeys up to 5.4m to the gutter (can be extended to 7.4m to the gutter with additional components)
  • Roof pitches from flat up to 35 degrees
  • All roof types as the EBracket fits under the eaves/soffit of the property and requires no fixing
  • Solar installs right up to the gutter as the system does not encroach onto the roof

There is no interference with the wall framing, which means cladding can be completed right up to (just below) soffit height, while the system is in place.



  • Cost effective alternative to traditional edge protection and scaffolding hire
  • Can be fully erected from the ground with ‘The Rail Racer.’
  • Easy to use and easy to store with the stackable design feature
  • Convenience, no more waiting for 3rd party hire companies
  • Fast to install and faster to dismantle
  • Fully compliant to AS/NZS4994.1:2009


Assembly & Install

This system can be fully erected from the ground with The Rail Racer. We encourage you to watch the video below.


The Rail Racer


Allows for full rail & system installation from the ground eliminating the need to access the roof with a harness to complete the installation.

Reduces guardrail installation time by 30%


  • Spring loaded mechanism for quick release
  • Install gable end rails from the ground
  • Compatible with all EP Systems using 48mm tube
  • 5.5 mtr reach


Assembly and Install

Download the installation guide here



At what height do I need edge protection?

The short answer to this is ALL roofs require edge protection with a fall greater than 2000mm (Note: you should always refer to your state OHS laws & regulations). Worksafe are enforcing their “Working at heights” campaign vigorously and will look to prosecute any non-compliant working practice at height.

Is this edge protection compliant?

Yes, all of our systems have passed rigorous testing under supervision of a registered engineer in accordance with AS/NZS4994.1:2009 Standard.

Can I erect this system myself?

Yes, any able bodied, competent person can erect our edge protection systems and you do not have to hold any ticket or qualification. Ebracket edge protection systems are classified as a “proprietary edge protection system” Not scaffolding.

Do the brackets stack well?

Yes, the laser cut and folded design allows for all brackets to be stacked in a neat pile for easy storage and transport to site unlike other systems that leave you with a huge untidy pile of brackets.

Do you have a system for existing houses that does not require it to be fixed to the house or roof?

Yes, our engineered EBR Roof system has been developed specifically for use on most single & double storey houses with solar energy installation in mind. The system does not require any attachment to the structure whatsoever, but has the ability to be attached if required.

Do the rail heights need to be installed at a specific distance apart?

Yes they do. However we have made this easy for you by pre fabricating the mounting points at the required centres so all you need to do is drop the rails in and tighten the clamps.

Do the brackets leave enough room for the gutter and fascia?

Yes, the design of the bracket allows plenty of room for even a large boxed gutter.

How much does the system weigh?

Our 18 lineal metre pack with options weighs only 216kgs kgs so is easily transported with a van, ute, or trailered to site.


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