500A CT for Enphase Envoy S Metered



500A Split Core Current Transformer (CT) for Enphase microinverter system


Suitable for the Enphase Envoy-S Metered + DRM

Accuracy class: 0.5

Dimensions: A = 50, B = 80, H = 152, W = 125, D = 58

Sealable terminal cover

Test insulation: 3kV/1min 50Hz


Commercial Scale CT’s:

These high quality split-core current transformers are suitable for use with the Enphase Envoy S Metered + DRM when used on commercial solar and energy storage applications. They are used in conjunction with the Enphase current transformers provided with the Envoy S Metered + DRM to measure customer load and/or solar generation when the maximum current is above 200Amps per phase. They are split-core for ease of installation and include busbar-mounting clamps.

Please contact us for wiring details.

Engineering Assistance

Our Engineering team can assist with any technical enquiries related to all products listed. We can also offer commercial Engineering sign off for SolarEdge and Enphase systems over 30kVA in Queensland (RPEQ assistance). Feel free to contact us for details and pricing