SolarEdge DC junction box



Commercial and residential solar made easy

The SolarEdge DC junction box is a pre-assembled weather-proof enclosure used to combine DC circuits on the roof.  The SolarEdge DC junction box allows a single DC circuit to be run to the inverter reducing the amount of DC cabling required and the need for additional DC isolators at the inverter.  See specification for details.

  • Reduces DC cabling, additional DC isolators adjacent to the inverter and multiple HD conduits through roof spaces
  • IP66/67/69 rated, suitable for mounting outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Suitable for most SolarEdge inverters
  • Includes stainless steel universal bracket, positive, negative and earth terminals, conduit glands and labels all pre-assembled for ease of installation.

To be installed in compliance with AS/NZS5033

Please note: This product comes with glands suitable for 2 x string inputs and 1 x output.  There are enough gland entries and terminals to accommodate 5 x inputs and 1 x output, however additional glands will be required.