SolarEdge 1 phase 5kW inverter with StorEdge backup




In addition to optimising self-consumption, StorEdge can also automatically provide backup power to pre-selected loads when the household suffers from grid interruptions.

StorEdge installation videos


Single Phase StorEdge Inverter

The StorEdge Inverter includes the hardware required for automatically providing power to backed-up loads in case of grid outage as well as optimising self-consumption. It manages battery, system energy and backup power, in addition to its functionality as a DC-optimised PV inverter.

  • Single inverter for PV, storage and backup power
  • Maximises self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electric bills
  • Designed to eliminate high voltage and current during installation, maintenance, and firefighting
  • Built-in monitoring of battery status, PV production, remaining backup power, and self-consumption data