Solaria PowerXT-365R-PD



Beauty, Efficiency, and Power

Achieving up to 20% efficiency, Solaria PowerXT® solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential solar market.

Compared to conventional panels, Solaria PowerXT panels have fewer gaps between the solar cells; this leads to higher power and superior aesthetics. Solaria PowerXT Pure BlackTM panels are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, enhancing a home or building’s architectural beauty.

Developed in California, Solaria’s patented cell cutting and panel assembly takes processed solar wafers and turns them into PowerXT solar panels. The process starts by creating a highly reliable PowerXT cell where busbars and ribbon interconnections are eliminated. Solaria then packages the cells into the PowerXT solar panel, reducing inactive space between the cells. This process leads to an exceptionally cost effective and efficient solar panel.


More Attractive

• Pure Black™ design
• No visible circuitry
• Better street appeal


Better Performance

• Higher energy output
• Better economics
• Superior shading performance


Better Quality

• Fewer failure points
• Certified quality
• Industry leading 25-year warranty


Higher Efficiency, Higher Power

Solaria PowerXT panels achieve up to 20.5% efficiency; conventional panels achieve 15% – 17% efficiency. Solaria PowerXT panels are one of the highest power panels available.

Lower System Costs

Solaria PowerXT panels produce more power per square meter area. This reduces installation costs due to fewer balance of system components.

Improved Shading Tolerance

Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, within each of the four panel quadrants, which dramatically lowers the shading losses and boosts energy yield.

Improved Aesthetics

Compared to conventional panels, Solaria PowerXT panels have a more uniform appearance and superior aesthetics.

Durability and Reliability

Solder-less cell interconnections are highly reliable and designed to far exceed the industry leading 25 year warranty.