VARTA pulse 6



A step into the future

With ‘VARTA pulse 6’ Australians can now become their own energy provider

VARTA pulse 6 is a 6.5kWh all-in-one residential energy storage system.  The pulse 6 contains a lithium-ion battery, battery management system, integrated inverter, control and monitoring.

The pulse 6 connects directly to the 230V supply and can be used on ANY solar system to store excess solar energy for use at night.

Storage capacity can be increased by adding additional VARTA pulse units.


►All-in-one system with integrated inverter

►Compact and handy wall-mounted system

►Easily installed in 30 minutes through “Plug & Play”

►Highest quality and great value

►Ultra-Low-Standby consumption of 2W

►Integrated VARTA Storage energy management


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VARTA pulse 6