YC600 AC Bus cable



AC Bus cable for APsystems YC500 microinverters

The APsystems AC Bus cable is a continuous length of single phase (3 core) 2.5mm2 cable with pre-installed connectors for APsystems YC600 Microinverters.

YC600 Accessories


1. YC600 AC Bus cable – The AC bus cable is a single phase bus cable which allows the AC side of the microinverters to be connected to rooftop AC isolator and the cabling to the switchboard.  The AC bus cable can be cut to size and is measured in drops.  A drop is a connection point for a microinverter.  For example: when installing 6 microinverters you would order 6 drops of AC bus cable.  The cable is 2.5mm2 (12AWG) and each drop is 2 metres apart.

2. YC600 AC Connector Unlock Tool – The AC connector unlock tool is used to disconnect the microinverter from the AC bus cable.

3. YC600 Bus T-Conn Cap – The YC600 Bus T-Conn Cap is a cover for any unused AC Bus cable drop connection to cover exposed live terminal, prevent water increase and exposure to the elements.

4. YC600 AC Bus End Cap – The YC600 AC Bus End Cap is used to terminate the end of the AC bus cable.  The other end of the AC bus cable is connected to the rooftop AC isolator.


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