Sungrow 5kW single phase hybrid storage inverter - Suits Sungrow battery modules


Item ID: 1926

SKU: SH5.0RS-V11

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Residential hybrid single phase inverter - SH5.0RS

The residential inverter for people with single phase wanting solar and storage.
  • Single phase
  • Multiple hybrid inverters can be connected together
  • Flexible battery sizing - suits Sungrow 9.6/12.8/16.0/19.2kWh battery
  • WiFi dongle included
  • Back circuit hardware included
  • IP65 and C5 corrosion rating dealing with any harsh environments (coastal)

Energy Independence

  • Seamless transition to backup mode, for protection against power outages
  • Fast Charging or discharging, enabling higher self-consumption results
  • Built-in EMS with advanced customization

Easy installation

  • Single person installation - dimensions of 490 x 340 x 170mm, 18.5kg, integrated level and lifting handle
  • Plug and play connections
  • Built-in backup box means no external EPS or removal of front cover required
  • Built-in certified DC isolator (AU)
  • iSolarCloud monitoring available on App and Web
  • Lightweight and compact, optimized for heat- dissipation

Includes a FREE Sungrow single phase smart energy meter

FREE Sungrow Hybrid Kit Calculator

We've developed a Sungrow Hybrid Kit Calculator so you can quickly and easily determine the Sungrow components required for various sized hybrid installations.  Ideal for fast and accurate quoting.   Learn more about Sungrow here