Dehn Surge Arrester



This is a single pole high discharge capacity surge arrestor designed for DIN rail mounting in a consumer switchboard.

Surge arrestors are designed to suppress spikes in electrical voltage which may cause damage to the electrical appliances on the circuit.

By installing this surge arrestor on the busbar supplying the solar system it will not only provide protection to the solar system it will also provide protection for other circuits fed from this busbar. ¬†Therefore providing¬†surge protection for other appliances fed from this switchboard such as TV’s, computers etc

This surge protector meets the international standards recommended by microinverter manufacturers and will provide a reasonable level of protection against grid spikes and surges.

The unit has a replaceable cartridge with a visual status indicator indicating when it needs to be changed.

The installation of an appropriate surge arrester is strongly recommended for all microinverter (and conventional string inverter) installations and failure to install one can affect future warranty claims.

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