A global inverter and storage manufacturer with a complete range of products for solar and storage projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Sungrow make a complete range of solar inverters and energy storage products for residential, commercial, industrial and utility grade solar projects.  There is an inverter and energy storage solution for every application including grid connected, backup power and off grid.

Designed specifically to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions and safety design standards.

AC Solar Warehouse – Sungrow distributors/wholesalers Australia and New Zealand

AC Solar Warehouse is an Australian and New Zealand Sungrow distributor/wholesaler with warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland.

AC Solar Warehouse are experts in Sungrow technologies with 100+ years of combined engineering experience in solar and storage.

A proven clean power conversion technology manufacturer

  • Over 24 years in the solar industry
  • Products installed in over 150 countries
  • 90GW annual production capacity
  • World’s largest inverter factory
  • R&D team of over 1,800 employees

World’s largest inverter factory

  • Global inverter capacity of 50GW per year
  • 250,000 residential inverters per year
  • Inverter supplier to Apple, Continental, Whirpool and many others

Residential inverters

A full range of residential inverters for single phase, three phase, grid connect, hybrid (battery storage) and off-grid applications.

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Residential Storage

Sungrow have developed an innovative energy storage solution for residential applications.  This battery system can be used to store excess solar generated for use at night, provide backup power for when the grid goes down or for full time off grid applications.

The battery system is a stackable modular design which a single person can easily install.  It consists of stackable battery modules each 3.2kWh in capacity (100% usable energy).  Simply stack the modules on top of each-other and there is no wiring involved.  Inbuilt plugs in each module connect together as they are stacked.

You can chose to stack from 3 modules (9.6kWh) up to 8 modules (a huge 25.6kWh) per battery unit depending on the customers storage requirements.   It doesn’t end there, you can also parallel up to 4 battery units providing an enormous 102.4kWh of usable storage capacity.

The battery modules are lithium-ion phosphate.  The leading battery chemistry in performance and safety.

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Commercial Inverters

Sungrow have range of inverters for any commercial and industrial solar project.  Whether it is a small, medium or large business there are inverters to meet their needs.  5kW, 7kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 29.9kW, 50kW and 110kW inverters.

Talk to our engineering team to discuss your project. We would love to help.

Commercial Storage

  • Scalable and high integration
  • Efficient and flexible
  • Safe and reliable
  • Smart and friendly

Utility Scale Solutions

Save time and money installing Sungrow

Sungrow inverters and energy storage systems are designed to simplify installation.  Fast installation and commissioning means more happy customers and getting to the next job sooner

FREE Sungrow Hybrid Kit Calculator

We’ve developed a Sungrow Hybrid Kit Calculator so you can quickly and easily determine the Sungrow components required for various sized hybrid installations.  Ideal for fast and accurate quoting.  Contact your AC Solar Warehouse Account Manager to get a copy.

Large Australian technical support team

Sungrow have a large Australian technical support team who are factory trained providing assistance when and where you need it.  The team know their products and can help you get your systems operational.

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