AIKO is a global-leading new energy technology company, focusing on the R&D manufacturing of solar generation products and PV-Storage-Charging integrated solutions, providing customers with solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules and scenario-based packaged solutions. With the mission of “Empowering transformation towards a carbon-free era”, AIKO keeps on pursuing extreme innovation and cutting-edge technology

AC Solar Warehouse – Aiko Solar distributors/wholesalers Australia and New Zealand

AC Solar Warehouse is an Australian and New Zealand Aiko Energy distributor/wholesaler with warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland.

AC Solar Warehouse are experts in Aiko technologies with 100+ years of combined engineering experience in solar and storage.

Here’s a video of Mark Colwell,  our National Business Development Manager, introducing Aiko Neostar panels in our warehouse.

Learn more about how AIKO entered into the Australian market, their products, and the ABC Technology they’ve developed in our Aiko article.

ABC (All Back Contact) Solar Modules


  • Full area illuminated
  • All c-Si atoms electricity-producible technology
  • All back electrode technology
  • All back passivating contact technology
  • Totally Ag-free metallization technology
  • Whole Life-cycle hot-spot risk control and Power generation guarantee technology

Aiko Solar – Residential

Aiko Solar modules are ideal for residential solar systems in Australia and New Zealand.  High quality construction and All Black design making the solar system look great on any roof.

Aiko Solar – Commercial

Aiko Solar modules are ideal for commercial solar systems in Australia and New Zealand.  High quality construction and performance delivering the optimum return on investment.