iStore specialise in the supply of solar and hot water technologies that deliver high quality, reliable and efficient solar systems.  From hot water systems, solar inverters and energy storage systems, iStore offer a comprehensive range of ODM solutions to meet the diverse energy needs of residential and commercial customers.

iStore distributors/wholesalers Australia and New Zealand

AC Solar Warehouse is an Australian and New Zealand iStore distributor/wholesaler with warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Auckland and Christchurch

AC Solar Warehouse are experts in iStore technologies with 100+ years of combined engineering experience in solar and storage.

iStore Residential Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid Inverter for residential homes

The high efficiency ratings of our entire range means that you’ll be able to generate more power from your solar panels, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills.

The IP65 protection rating is also a great feature, as it means that the inverters are dust-tight and protected against water jets. This is important for ensuring the longevity of your system, especially in Australia where there can be harsh weather conditions.

Having multiple MPPT trackers per unit is also a great feature, as it allows the inverter to better manage power generation across multiple panels, ensuring maximum energy output.

The iStore three-phase hybrid inverter series boast a 5-6kW rating and features cutting-edge technology that eliminates the need for a transformer. This inverter comes equipped with two MPP trackers as well as one high voltage battery input, ensuring optimal power management and flexibility.

One of the standout features of the iStore Hybrid 5000/6000 is its advanced safety technology, which includes an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) that uses AI to identify any potential over-heating issues that could lead to fire hazards. This provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their solar system is equipped with the latest safety features to protect their home and loved ones.

Inverters available in single phase (5kW, 6kW) and three phase (5kW, 6kW).

iStore Commercial Hybrid Solar Inverter

Smart string inverters for commercial solar

The iStore IS-INV-29900/40000-3PH Smart String inverter is renowned for its intelligence, efficiency, safety, and reliability, making it among the top choices for 8-String inverters on the market due to its impressive power capabilities

The iStore IS-INV-29900/40000-3PH stands out as one of the most advanced inverters available, thanks to its 8-Strings intelligent monitoring, rapid troubleshooting capabilities, Power Line Communication (PLC), and Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis support.


4MPPT per unit effectively reduces string mismatch, offering a maximum efficiency of 98.6% (European efficiency of 98.4%) the iStore  IS-INV-29900/40000-3PH offers premier efficiency, and with intelligent control systems, a single panel being shaded or obscured does not compromise the entirety of your system, meaning that you can install more panels on your roof than with other systems, generating even more efficient power.


The iStore IS-INV-29900/40000-3PH Integrated DC Switch enhances both safety and maintenance convenience. Its fuse-free design and integrated Residual Current Monitoring Unit (RCMU) set it apart as one of the market’s safest systems.

iStore Solar Battery

The iStore energy storage system is here. The perfect option to couple with any iStore inverter, the iStore Solar Battery can be modified to suit your energy needs, however large they may be.

Thanks to its modular design, rather than having to buy an additional battery if you want to expand your home’s energy storage reserves, all you need to do is add another battery block to your iStore Solar Battery, saving you money and space. Due to this clever design, the iStore can scale in size anywhere from 5 kWh all the way to 30 kWh.

The iStore solar battery consists of stackable modules, each weighing 50kg, with a capacity of 5kWh. By connecting three modules together, you can create a 15kWh battery.

Furthermore, two sets of these 15kWh batteries can be connected in parallel to achieve a maximum capacity of 30kWh. Each battery stack can reach 5kW output power and 7kW surge power for 10s

  • Modular design allows for flexible investment
  • Perfect compatibility with both single and three phase iStore Hybrid inverters
  • More usable energy with 100% depth of discharge

iStore Heat Pump Hot Water

The iStore revolutionises the way your home produces hot water by utilising the most natural source. Air!

For the average Australian household heating water accounts for up to 30% of the total energy usage. The iStore saves money on energy costs while reducing harmful emissions!

iStore EV Chargers

Coming soon