German quality inverters for professional solar installers

SMA cover a ride of applications and provides readily technical training and service support for Australian and New Zealand installers

AC Solar Warehouse - SMA distributors/wholesalers Australia and New Zealand

AC Solar Warehouse is an Australian and New Zealand SMA distributor/wholesaler with warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland

AC Solar Warehouse are experts in SMA technologies with 100+ years of combined engineering experience in solar and storage.

Why Install SMA inverters?


With nearly 40 years’ experience, SMA is the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer.


#1 European PV inverter manufacturer brand*. With its German engineering and design, SMA is the chosen brand in the Australian solar market.

*PV Inverter Market Tracker/Q1 2019, HIS


100% of SMA inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable operation for the life of the inverter.


SMA has installed over 90 GW of inverter capacity worldwide. That is enough to close down all of Australia’s power stations, twice over – never needing to rely on fossil fuels again.  Over 750,000 SMA inverters have already been installed across Australia alone, producing more than 35% of all solar electricity in the country.

SMA Solar Inverters

The right device for each application: for all solar module types, for grid-connection and off grid applications. For small houses up to commercial solar systems in the Megawatt range.

The SMA Partner program

PowerUP your business with SMA today

In the very competitive solar world, it can be a difficult and challenging job to not only differentiate yourself from the competition but also to provide a unique offering. SMA’s PowerUP trusted solar energy partner program is designed to give you this exact edge.

  • Gain credibility with access to deeper levels of training materials
  • Dedicated Sales, Marketing and Service support
  • FREE 5+5 warranty upgrades

Contact us to find out how to become an SMA PowerUP Partner or you can contact SMA directly via 

SMA support for solar installers

SMA 360° app

The SMA 360°app helps solar installers be more successful.

SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected delivers free automatic monitoring and analysis of the inverter via the SMA Sunny Portal. If an inverter picks up a failure, SMA proactively informs the installer. If it is necessary to replace the inverter, SMA sends a replacement device fast and free of charge. In this way,  installers benefit from minimised diagnosis and downtime.

SMA Extended Warranty options

If you choose an SMA extended warranty, SMA provide prompt support at no cost* even after the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty expires. The extended warranty includes:

SMA Replacement Device: The inverter is set up to receive all updates and is a perfect match for the PV system.

SMA Service Line: SMA employees conduct an error analysis and initiate the inverter replacement.

Extended warranty options of 10, 15 or 20 years are available (dependant on model)

*please refer to full T&C's on SMA website

SMA Online Service Center

Obtain helpful technical support and ability to request for an inverter exchange, and request for the corresponding Service Rebate.  All online, accessible anytime, anywhere.

SMA Service Rebate for Installers

SMA provide a service rebate to installers for the replacement of a defective inverter. The principle is simple. Installers are  supported with work performed under warranty and quickly receive a set fee.

SMA Sunny Boy – single phase inverters for homes

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Flexible design to suit your customer’s needs
  • Maximum yield with SMA ShadeFix
  • Reliable system performance with SMA Smart Connected

Grid connected and Off-Grid systems

SMA Sunny Tripower - 3 phase inverters for home and business

  • Flexible to your customer’s energy needs and budget.  eg 100kW PV using 3 x 25kW SMA Tripower inverters
  • Maximum yield with SMA ShadeFix
  • Reliable system performance with SMA Smart Connected

Grid connected and Off-Grid systems

SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 - Inverters for large business

Grid connected and Off-Grid systems

SMA 360° app

An app that helps solar installers be more successful

An easy way to plan and sell PV systems:   Plan systems easier, to convince customers faster.

Operate, monitor and commission PV Systems quickly: It has never been so quick and easy.

Service systems from your phone or tablet: Have all information ready on hand for service calls.

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