Enphase installs just got easier

24 November 2022 by
Enphase installs just got easier
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

Enphase have removed the need to use adaptor cables by adding MC4 connectors built-in to their IQ7A and IQ7+ microinverters.  Without the adapter cable, there are less connections for every solar module. This results in fewer connections for a typical residential install and thousands less for your team saving you time and money.  It also means fewer parts to carry.

Key benefits

No adaptor cable required

Connect solar modules directly into microinverters without an adaptor cable

Faster Installations

Simplifies inventory required for solar installations and reduces the number of connections required

Maximum reliability

Reduces the number of connections and hence potential points of failure.

Higher wattage for IQ7A

The wattage has increased from 329W to 366W for the IQ7A which provides increased benefit when using larger solar modules


IQ7 with adaptor cable (Q-DCC-2)


New IQ7 with integrated MC4 connector and no adaptor cable

New Microinverter model numbers

The new microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors are the same physical specification as the previous model IQ7A and IQ7+ that require an adaptor.  The wattage has increased from 349W to 366W for the IQ7A providing increased benefit when using larger modules.

IQ7PLUS-72-M-INT (integrated MC4 connector) is equivalent to the IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT (adaptor cable required)

IQ7A-72-M-INT (integrated MC4 connector) is equivalent to the IQ7A-72-2-INT (adaptor cable required) 

Can the microinverters with and without integrated MC4 connectors be mixed and matched?

Yes, you can mix and match microinverters as long as they are the same product line. For example, an IQ 7+ with an integrated MC4 connector can be combined with an IQ 7+ that still uses a Q-DCC-2 adapter.