Microinverter DC connections

19 May 2013 by
Microinverter DC connections
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

When AS5033 was updated and released in July 2012, it introduced a requirement that DC connectors shall “only be mated with those of the same type from the same manufacturer”. (Section 4.3.7) The implications of this for microinverters are that the DC plug on the module must be of the same type and manufacturer as the DC plug on the microinverter. This of course is very difficult to achieve given the wide range of MC4 compatible connectors in common use by both microinverter and module manufacturers.

AC Solar Warehouse offers our microinverter customers a simple way of complying with the requirements of AS5033 – we supply short DC cable links to suit all of the microinverters that we sell. These DC link cables have an MC4 compatible connector on one end of the same type and manufacturer as is used on the microinverter and are bare on the other end. This enables the installer to crimp a connector on to exactly match the one on the module used.

This solution does not affect the warranty on either the module or the microinverter and maintains the integrity and reliability of all connections on the DC side of the microinverter.

DC cable links are available to suit APS, Enecsys and iEnergy microinverters.

If you have any questions regarding the links or any other aspect of standards compliance for AC Solar systems or microinverter installations contact the AC Solar Warehouse on 1300 55 44 67.