New range of single-phase inverters from Sungrow

26 September 2022 by
New range of single-phase inverters from Sungrow
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

The new single-phase inverters from Sungrow, known as the G3 range of inverters, have been designed for 600Vdc systems to cater for high power PV modules and bifacial modules.

The DC circuits on these inverters have an integrated arc fault circuit interrupter and built-in type II DC and AC surge protection devices (SPD’s).  They have a lower start-up voltage and also a wider MPPT range delivering even higher energy yields.
The new G3 inverters are very light and compact, with plug and play connectors for both the DC and AC wiring.  This combined with one-click access to iSolarCloud monitoring platform results in a very quick and simple installation.

The range of inverters includes:

SG2.0RS – single phase 2kW inverter with a single MPPT

SG3.0RS – single phase 3kW inverter with dual MPPT’s

SG5.0RS – single phase 5kW inverter with dual MPPT’s

SG5.0RS-ADA – single phase 5kW inverter with triple MPPT’s

SG8.0RS-ADA – single phase 8kW inverter with triple MPPT’s

SG10RS-ADA – single phase 10kW inverter with triple MPPT’s

To see the range of Sungrow inverters, view the specifications and installation guidelines please click  here.