Order the Enphase AC Battery now

21 May 2016 by
Order the Enphase AC Battery now
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

Every now and again a product comes along that changes everything.

For home energy storage, this product is the Enphase AC Battery.

At the Australian Solar Council Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne a few weeks ago, we demonstrated a working Enphase AC Battery to more than 500 solar installers.  The response was overwhelming.  The Enphase AC Battery is hands down the safest, most flexible, easy to install and best performing battery in the home energy storage market.  This battery will make you see home energy storage in a  whole new light.

Manufactured from the highest quality Japanese-made Lithium Ion Phosphate cells safety-tested and certified by TUV Rheinland.

Installing an AC Battery circuit is literally as easy as running a 4mm2 circuit to an AC Isolator. If you can install a hot water system or an air conditioner you can install an AC Battery.

Ideal for retrofits
The AC Battery can be fitted to any type of existing AC or DC solar system without requiring the installer to modify (and take responsibility for) the existing system.

Expanding the AC Battery system from a minimum of 1.2 kWh to tens or even hundreds of kWh is as easy as hanging another battery on the wall and looping the AC wiring across to it.

High Performing
Warranted for 2 cycles per day to 95% depth of discharge with minimum residual capacity of 80% after 10 years. This battery is a workhorse that will outlast most other products on the market,

The worldwide launch of this revolutionary battery is right here in Australia.  We will be receiving the first shipment in August 2016.

AC Solar Warehouse is pleased to offer our customer’s a $250 discount of the wholesale list price of the battery for early bird orders placed this month.

Contact us now to pre-order the Enphase AC Battery and secure stock for your customers from the first shipment.

Offer your customers the Enphase AC Battery before someone else does!