Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced 3PH Inverter

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Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced 3PH Inverter
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Selectronic has recently released their new Selectronic Certified (SCERT) Fronius Symo Advanced 3 Phase Inverter, combining the longstanding expertise of Fronius with the knowhow of Australia’s oldest inverter manufacturer and adapting it  to work seamlessly with the SP PRO inverter. In this article, we’ll explore the key features, technical specifications, and benefits that make this inverter the best choice for solar installers using the SP Pro.

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Integration and Compatibility

The SCERT  Symo Advanced and Selectronic SP PRO inverters work together flawlessly by design. Selectronic has made improvements to ensure the Fronius inverter performs at its best when used with the SP PRO to create rock solid, reliable off-grid and grid backup systems. This gives the SP Pro full 0-100% control of the output of the SCERT inverter in real time to ensure every bit of solar energy possible is saved in the battery and nothing is wasted unnecessarily.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Power Output:

The Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced has three versions: 10kW15kW, and 20kW – off the shelf and larger sizes can be custom ordered.

System Design :

The standout features of this inverter are safety and design flexibility.

  • Dynamic Peak Manager – an intelligent inverter based approach to shade management minimises energy lost to solar panel shading without any additional parts, costs or installation complexity and allowing the inverter harvest maximum energy in all situations
  • SuplerFlex Design – Install both extra short and extra long strings to tackle complex roofs. Connect the inverters full rating to a single MPPT to minimise installation costs. Connect the latest high current PV modules with boosted max input current.
  • ArcGuard – built-in DC arc fault circuit interruption system for increased safety – a new feature from Fronius exclusive to the Symo Advanced
  • SnapINverter – modular snap-in design for quick and easy install and rapid replacement.

Managed AC Coupling

One of the standout features of the Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced is Managed AC Coupling. This allows for precise control of solar output resulting in minimised energy waste and more efficient energy storage in connected battery systems. Solar installers can leverage this feature to get the most out of the system providing real energy and dollar savings to end-users.


The scalability of up to 5 SCERT inverters per phase is a key advantage for off-grid systems. Solar installers now have the flexibility to create larger systems, ranging from 5kW to an impressive 480kW of PV inverter capacity.

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Capabilities

The Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced is a versatile 3-phase inverter. It works for both off-grid and grid backup needs. This means you can have one installed today and easily switch from a regular grid-connect setup to a grid-backup or full off-grid system later. It’s a solution that grows with your changing energy needs.

Battery Charging and Export Limiting

In off-grid and grid backup scenarios, the inverter efficiently charges batteries connected via a SP Pro inverter, using free solar power. The SP Pro natively controls how much solar energy is exported to the grid in grid-connected systems. It’s smart management that makes sure your batteries charge well and your installation is simple.

Monitoring and Data Visibility

The Select.Live monitoring portal shows users all the data about their solar system’s power production. It has real-time and past data, plus extra features. This helps users make smart choices about their energy use and production. The portal is a useful tool for both solar installers and users, making the solar experience better overall. SCERT inverters like the SCERT Symo Advanced appear automatically in the portal.

Inverter Capacity and Solar Energy Utilisation

A unique capability of the SP Pro and  Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced system is the ability to handle twice as much AC inverter capacity as the SP Pro inverter. This smart design choice is great for capturing all available solar energy – crucial for charging batteries. Solar installers can confidently set up systems with enough capacity to run homes and businesses and charge batteries for later.

Environmental Durability

Listed with an IP66 rating, the Fronius Symo Advanced boasts a high level of environmental protection. This inverter is built to withstand the elements making it a perfect match for the rugged SP Pro.

In conclusion, the Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced 3PH Inverter is packed with advanced technology that combines the strengths of Fronius and Selectronic, giving Australian solar installers a versatile, durable, and scalable solution to tackle the variety of sites they encounter. Whether it’s off-grid, grid backup, or the transition between the two, the Selectronic system sets a new standard in energy independence technology.

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