Solar Analytics available with Sungrow inverters

3 September 2021 by
Solar Analytics available with Sungrow inverters
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

Solar Analytics have developed the ability to collect solar and energy data directly from Sungrow inverters and inverter consumption meters.

This means that homes and businesses with the new range of Sungrow inverters can subscribe to Solar Analytics monitoring system.  There is no additional hardware required.

What is the price of Solar Analytics?

Prices start from as little as $2.75 per month ($165 for 5 years) with a variety of plans available to suit individual user’s needs.   Details of Solar Analytics Subscription plans and prices are located  here.
Please contact your solar installer for details.

Solar Analytics Electricity Plan Optimiser

Solar Analytics allows users to monitoring their solar system, energy usage, solar savings and displays this information in an easy to use, user friendly way.  In their upcoming release, Solar Analytics will allow users to also compare electricity plans from various electricity retailers showing which is the best deal.  Saving money on electricity bills.

How does Solar Analytics Plan Optimiser work?

The Plan Optimiser’s key attraction is in its simplicity for solar owners to use. Once the latest electricity bill is uploaded in the Solar Analytics dashboard, all the details of the current plan are inputted, and the home’s current costs are calculated.  Actual energy data from the home is then run through a set of algorithms to compare the various combinations of time of use vs flat rate, export / import tariffs and other charges of all the available plans on offer.

The top plan options are then clearly presented with their respective structures and estimated quarterly costs, allowing the customer to choose the best plan for them. With regular updates and constant analysis, customers can ensure they are always on the best plan ongoing.

It’s no secret that understanding and choosing energy plans is boring, confusing and tedious, which is why switching rates are so low. Traditionally, comparing and finding the right energy plan has been a difficult and time-consuming process – a problem that the Plan Optimiser solves by helping users find the best solar deals based on real data.

Solar Analytics Login

Once subscribed, to access Solar Analytics on your computer simply open a browser and login to the web portal  here.

Solar Analytics App – My Solar App

Solar Analytics have Apps available for Android devices as well as IOS Apple.  The Android App is available  here  and the IOS version is available  here .

Can Solar Analytics monitor sub circuits?

Solar Analytics has the ability to monitor sub circuits.  However, additional hardware is required to perform this function.

Which Sungrow Inverters can be used with Solar Analytics?

To view the latest range of Sungrow inverters that can be used with Solar Analytics please click  here.