Tigo at wholesale prices in Australia and New Zealand

27 October 2020 by
Tigo at wholesale prices in Australia and New Zealand
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

AC Solar Warehouse is pleased to announce that we are now a fully supported wholesaler of the Tigo product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Tigo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of DC optimisers and Rapid Shutdown technology designed specifically to interface with conventional DC string inverters.

When combined with string inverters, Tigo improves shade tolerance, provides access to module level monitoring, and enables compliance with Rapid Shutdown safety standards.

Tigo optimisers can be deployed selectively with in an array to reduce the effects of shading from specific objects, or installed on all modules to optimise system performance and provide the benefits of module level monitoring and rapid shutdown compliance.

The AC Solar Warehouse engineering team is ready to assist installers with advice on the design, installation and commissioning of Tigo products, and can be contacted on 07 4028 3979 (Australia) or 09 222 2262 (New Zealand)