Tired of waiting on the phone for technical support? There is another way.

1 November 2018 by
Tired of waiting on the phone for technical support? There is another way.
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

It’s the end of a long day you have just put the finishing touches on your solar installation.  You are tired and all you have to do is commission the job and ‘hit the road’.  But hang on…. there is a problem and you need help.  You call the manufacturer’s technical support line and you can’t get through.…Arrgh!!!!

If this has happened to you, there is another way.  If you have purchased your solar equipment from a “specialist” wholesaler you are in luck.

There are three basic types of solar wholesalers.  First, there are wholesalers who are “box droppers”.  They simply send you the equipment you’ve ordered but know very little about the products in the box.  They are typically unable to provide any useful assistance when you need it and often have no formal electrical engineering training.  They have salesmen there to sell you the equipment – and that’s all.

Second, there are the “jack of all trades, masters of none” wholesalers.   These are wholesalers who stock a large range of products making it virtually impossible to be real experts in any of the products in their range.  They tend to know a small amount about each product they sell but often not enough to provide meaningful and accurate technical support.

Then there are the “specialist” wholesalers.  They carry a smaller range of products and they specialise in these products.  They often have in-house experts who live and breath the range of products they sell, and in some cases, qualified electrical engineers who know the products they sell inside-out.

If you have purchased your equipment from a “specialist” wholesaler, with in-house engineering, you can call them when you are stuck, get the job sorted, and move on.

AC Solar Warehouse are specialist wholesalers of both Enphase and SolarEdge inverter technologies, Sonnen and VARTA storage products.   We have an in-house professional engineering team who are technical experts in the products we sell. We provide assistance with design, installation and commissioning.   Best of all our support is free and available 7 days a week.  Just ring 07 4028 3979 to speak directly with an electrical engineer. 


If you use Enphase or SolarEdge, and want help when you need it, buy from AC Solar Warehouse.  You’ll be glad you did.