Why two Enphase IQ8 microinverters for Australia and New Zealand? IQ8AC and IQ8HC

3 May 2023 by
Why two Enphase IQ8 microinverters for Australia and New Zealand? IQ8AC and IQ8HC
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

Enphase has released the new IQ8 range of inverters in Australia and New Zealand. These inverters have been designed to suit the latest generation of high-output solar modules. Both microinverters have an impressive Maximum input current rating of 14A.

The C in the model number indicates “high Current” and the H indicates “High power”.

The IQ8HC has a higher maximum rated power of 380W compared with the IQ8AC which has a maximum rated power of 360W.

This provides installers with the ability to choose the lower power rated version, the IQ8AC, when using a high output solar module that suits.   When using solar modules above the specifications of the IQ8AC the IQ8HC microinverter can be used.

Solar modules that were compatible with the IQ7A microinverter will typically maintain compatibility with the IQ8HC and IQ8AC microinverters as well. However, opting for the IQ8HC microinverter offers some advantages compared to the IQ7A and IQ8AC. Not only can the IQ8HC have panels up to 505W, they can also enable you to get more power (384W peak) out of your module compared to the IQ7A’s/IQ8AC’s (366W peak), giving you different microinverter options for most panels up to 480W.

For more detailed information about specific panel compatibility and system design recommendations, you can contact our account management and engineering team on the details below or consult the Enphase calculator.

Raghu Belur, Co-Founder of Enphase Energy tells us about the launch of the Enphase 5P battery and complete home energy system here in Australia. The video below was taken at Smart Energy 2023 in Sydney  on the 3rd of May of 2023.

AC Solar Warehouse is the first Australian distributor to conduct training sessions for the Enphase IQ battery. Demand for these training sessions are in high demand,  and spots are limited you need to register to secure your place.

To find out more about the IQ8AC and IQ8HC microinverters including frequently asked question please click here

Visit the product page of these products below, where you can also find the most updated data sheet and installation guide. If you have an account you can also check the prices and order online.

Enphase IQ8AC Microinverter

Enphase IQ8HC Microinverter