We wholesale the best solar and energy storage products and committed to building long term partnerships with our customers

For solar installers we wholesale the best solar and energy storage products and committed to providing the highest level of technical assistance, sales expertise and ongoing business support.

For home and business owners we can put you in touch with trained and certified solar installers. These are local solar installers experienced in the design and installation of solar and energy storage who can provide the optimum system for you.

For Installers

We believe solar retailers and installers need their wholesaler to be a great logistics partner

If delivery dates are forecasted correctly for system components, installers can schedule installations accurately, keep crews busy and give customers realistic expectations.

Our focus on logistics underpins all of our decisions – we intentionally carry fewer products from quality manufacturers who can meet product supply.

Limiting our product range allows us to be experts in each technology we carry and provide reliable and up to date information to our customers.

We believe in having experienced people answer the phone directly, no call centre or automated phone system.

We make sure we are accessible to solar retailers and installers who are counting on us to be there, this includes being available after hours and on weekends to provide technical support and assistance if required.

Our leading professional engineering team, specialising in solar and energy storage, are available to customers for domestic and commercial projects.

For Home and Business owners

To achieve the best outcome it is important that your new solar system is designed and installed in compliance with the manufacturers requirements and Australian Standards by a trained and accredited solar installer.

Clean Energy Council accredited installers are specifically trained, qualified and supported by AC Solar Warehouse to install high quality solar systems.

Using 'Find an installer' button below, or contact us, and we will put you in touch with a Clean Energy Council accredited installer in your area.

Please note this is a free service currently only provided in Australia and New Zealand.

Find an installer

Logistics and locations

We have major distribution warehouses located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland which service all areas of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.





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