How to use SolarEdge SetApp

Activating and configuring your inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application.

All the information you need is in the palm of your hand — the display screen is no longer needed in the new range of SolarEdge inverters

How to commission a SolarEdge inverter with no display screen


Q: Do I need to download the latest inverter software before an installation?
A: SetApp will be updated over the air whenever new inverter firmware is released (there is no need for the SD card for software updates). You must enable automatic updates, otherwise the app will be blocked after 5 weeks.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to configure the inverter?

A: No. A local Wi-Fi connection is provided via the inverter, just ensure that you have the latest SetApp version downloaded on your smartphone by enabling automatic updates. An internet connection is required for the initial SetApp download and registration.

Q: Is it possible to activate and configure nearby inverters simultaneously by more than one installer?
A: Yes, simultaneous commissioning is supported as long as each installer has SetApp downloaded to their smartphone.

Q: Can I use my smartphone for other purposes during activation?
A: Yes, downloading the inverter firmware takes about 30 seconds; afterwards you can use your phone while the inverter is activated and upgraded.

Q: Is it possible to commission the inverter without a smartphone?

A: No. Inverter commissioning is possible only with a smartphone.

Q: Is it possible to log in to the app without a username and password?
A: No. In order to log in to the app, you must have a username and password.

Q: Is it possible to log in to the app without a monitoring platform account?
A: Yes. You can get immediate access for your installation by registering for SolarEdge online services via the app. Registration gives you access to our suite of online services, including the Training Portal, Support Center and Designer. To get monitoring access you must provide a serial number and distributor details (you may provide this information at a later date). The monitoring platform is FREE for SolarEdge installers, and enables you to easily and efficiently manage your SolarEdge installations. Registering your system gives you module-level insight on system performance, allows us to offer you better service, and allows you to offer your customers better service and upsell opportunities.
Click on the link to register to the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform.

Q: Can Wi-Fi be used for monitoring?
A: Yes. New inverters have a built-in Wi-Fi station for monitoring, you just need to add an antenna.

Q: Can the new app be used for already installed inverters?
A: Only SolarEdge inverters with a new communication board (no display) can be activated or configured via SetApp.

Q: Does the new app show real-time inverter status and measurements?
A: Yes, you can view inverter data when you are connected to the inverter via the local Wi-Fi.

Q: How can I see the system status without a display?
A: There are a number of ways to view and check the inverter’s status:

  1. SetApp indicates system performance via the Status screen. Errors are indicated by a red or orange icon. The color indicates the severity. Tap the error line for more information and troubleshooting instructions.
  2. LEDs indicate system information such as performance, communication, or system errors. For example:  Blue on — the inverter is communicating with the monitoring platform; Green on — the system is producing energy; Green blinking — AC is connected, but the system is not producing energy; Red on — system error
  3. The monitoring platform indicates system performance in the site list and via the Layout tab icon. Clicking the errors tab will display a list of current errors.

Q: The red LED is on – how do I know which system error occurred?
A: A red LED can indicate a number of errors. To identify the error type, flick the inverter ‘P’ON/OFF/P switch to the P position and release. This allows viewing system information via the LEDs. Click here, refer to the inverter installation guide for the LED error descriptions, or use SetApp to view and troubleshoot.

Q: Doesn’t the wireless connection compromise security? Can anyone connect to the inverter and change its settings?
A: SetApp connects to the inverter when you scan its serial number barcode and only after entering a user name and password. SolarEdge also added a security feature to prevent any tampering. Before using the app, a button on the inverter has to be pressed, allowing configuration only by someone with direct access to the inverter.

Watch how to commission your inverter via SetApp here


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