Sungrow CT Dual Meter Channel Installation Tips

Streamlining Solar Installations for Sungrow Hybrid Systems

Sungrow recently released the new DTSU666-20 Dual Channel CT smart energy meter, a great solution for Sungrow hybrid systems. This new meter enables CT monitoring of grid consumption as well as CT monitoring of third-party inverters on the ISolar Cloud platform. In this blog post, we will explore the seamless integration of the Sungrow Dual Channel CT meter with Sungrow hybrid systems, while providing a simplified installation summary with helpful diagrams.


Compatibility with Sungrow Hybrid inverters & other inverters

The Sungrow Dual Channel CT smart energy is currently compatible with G3 hybrid inverters, including the SH5.0RT, SH10RT, SH5.0RS, SH6.0RS, as well as Three Phase SGRT inverters. Compatibility will be introduced for more inverter models over time, see the Sungrow Energy Meter Selection Guide for more information. By integrating the Dual Channel CT meter with Sungrow hybrid systems, system owners can conveniently monitor all solar production and grid consumption through one platform even when a third party inverter is installed.


Installation and Configuration of the DTSU666-20

Installing the Sungrow Dual Channel CT meter is a straightforward process, and our engineering team and Sungrow product specialists have provided a summary to make it easier for you. Let’s walk through the steps:


Step 1: Prepare the Meter

Start by ensuring you have all the necessary components, including the meter, CTs, and communication cables. The meter comes with 3 x 100A CTs and any additional CTs must be ordered separately.

Familiarise yourself with the meter’s specifications and installation requirements.


Step 2: Mounting the CTs

Identify the appropriate locations for installing the CTs. The Primary Consumption CTs should be installed with the arrows on the CT’s facing from the grid to loads.

The third party inverter CTs should be facing with the arrows from grid to inverter.

Use the provided diagrams to understand the correct location and orientation for CTs.


Step 3: Wiring and Configuration

Connect the CTs to the meter, following the labeled terminals for the grid consumption and third-party inverter production. For 1ph installations, always use Phase ‘A’ terminals.

Use the supplied RS485 communication cable for reliable communication between the meter and the inverter. If a third party RS485 cable is used, refer to this tech note  from Sungrow to assist with selecting a suitable cable.

Sungrow CT meter

The meter is configured with a CT ratio to suit the 100A CTs that are supplied with the meter, the CT ratio must be changed if other sizes are used.


Step 4: Firmware Update

Before commissioning the meter, it is crucial to update the firmware to the latest version. Follow the instructions provided by Sungrow to update the firmware using the Isolar Cloud app on your smartphone or laptop.


Key Features & Benefits

Below, you can see the key features of the CT meter and the benefits for solar installers:

  • Dual channel, allowing metering of grid consumption and a third party inverter
  • Real-time energy data integration with Sungrow hybrid systems for optimised energy usage.
  • Convenient monitoring of consumption and production with third-party inverters through the iSolarCloud platform.
  • Easy installation, compared to inline meters.


The DTSU666-20 meter can be used on single, three phase and 120 degree separated two phase sites. The meter can be configured for consumption monitoring only , or can also be configured for consumption monitoring and production monitoring of a third party inverter.


Grid consumption CT metering only

Grid consumption CT metering only


Grid consumption and Third Party PV Production Monitoring

Sungrow solar system Grid consumption and Third Party PV Production Monitoring


Single Phase Hybrid Inverter, Single Phase PV Inverter, Single Phase Grid

Solar system diagram single phase hybrid inverter, single phase PV inverter, single phase grid


Three Phase Hybrid Inverter, Single Phase PV Inverter, Three Phase Grid

Three phase hybrid inverter, single phase PV Inverter, Three phase grid


Three Phase Hybrid Inverter, Three Phase PV Inverter, Three Phase Grid

Sungrow Three phase hybrid inverter, three phase PV Inverter, three phase grid


Our Engineering and Account Management team’s knowledge across the Sungrow brand and product range ensures you can navigate any technical issues or support needs. Feel free to contact us for assistance or further information. We are here to guide you to the best solution for your solar installations.

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