Clenergy - 8 panel tin kit with 35mm clamps

Clenergy – 8 panels tin kit with 35mm clamps



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Clenergy kit for 8 panels installed on tin roof in portrait orientation with 35mm clamps.

Designed for ~1100mm feet spacing.


8 x ER-EC-ST35 (35mm end clamps)

– End Module Clamp 35mm (1-3/8″) , Standard

– Z-Module

– Hex Socket Head Bolt A2-70 M8 x 28 (5/16″x 1-1/10″)

– Lock Washer 8.4mm (21/64″)

14 x ER-IC-ST35 (35mm mid clamps)

– Inter Module Clamp, Standard

– 35mm (1-3/8″) with Hex Socket Head Bolt A2-70 M8x45mm (5/16″ x 1-49/64″)

– Z-Module

– Lock Washer 8.4mm (21/64″)

4 x EZ-GL-ST (Grounding lugs)

– Grounding Lug L25 (standard)

– Hexagon Socket Head Bolt M8 x 25mm (5/16″ x 63/64″)

– Z-Module L20

– Spring Washer M8.4 (21/64″)

– Flat Washer M8.4 (21/64″)

– Grounding Lug Bolt M6 x14mm (3/16″ x 35/64″)

4 x ER-SP-ECO (Splice)

– Splice for ECO Rail

– Splice with a standard length of 200mm (7/8″)

– Hexagon socket head cap screw M8*12mm

8 x EZ-GC-ST (Grounding clamps)

– Grounding Clamp (standard)

16 x EZ-CC-PV/2 (Panel clips for 2 cables)

Universal Cable Clip for PV Panels for holding 2 cables

16 x ER-I-05 (Tin interface bracket)

– Tin Roof Hook

– Rubber Pad

– Z-Module

– Washer 8mm (5/16″)

– Lock Washer 8mm (5/16″) A2

– Hex Socket Head Bolt M8 x 28mm (5/16″ x 1 1/8″)

– Buildex 14-11 x 70 Hex Head Zips screw


Kit does not include rails, isolator brackets or microinverter bolts.


Clenergy Genuine Parts and Accessories

You should only want the best for your solar installation. That’s what you’ll get with Clenergised accessories.
If you’re fitting parts to a Clenergy racking installation, Clenergy parts fit better.



Install PV-ezRack SolarRoof for Residential Solar Project video:


PV-ezRack SolarRoof

Reliable, robust roof mounting system with high quality components designed for the harshest conditions.

PV-ezRack® SolarRoof has been developed for residential PV installations on tin and tile roofs. The components are easy to install and can be used for flush as well as tilted systems, on a large variety of roof types. The interfaces, rails and clamps use high quality, robust and corrosion resistant materials including structural grade aluminium alloy (AL6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304).

PV-ezRack® offers a wide range of solar mounting gear for all kinds of solar installations, including residential, industrial & commercial and utility scale projects.


Main Benefits

1. No roof penetration

Water tightness is easily maintained with the SolarRoof clamps for concealed fix roofs, as there is no need
for roof penetration. With Clenergy’s thorough
testing methods, this is made possible without any compromises on safety or structural integrity.



The non-penetrative clamps can be used for flush installations as well as for tilting. The two fixing methods for flush mounting include direct mounting (no rails) and bracket plus L-feet (with rails). For tilted systems, the adjustable tilt legs or Solar Tripod can be used directly on the compatible non-penetrative clamps.


3.Quick and easy installation

Innovative and internationally patented, the Z-Module and Click Module technology are used in almost
all SolarRoof components. The Z-Module and Click Module quick provide easy and safe installation method. They can be inserted into the rail at any given point, and secured with just two or three hand grips.


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