Enphase 1.2kWh AC battery V1.5



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The Enphase AC Battery is an integrated energy storage system that delivers high performance and superior reliability, with the safest battery technology.  Its modular architecture can be cost- effectively tailored to fulfill your customer’s individual energy needs now and in the future if their needs change.

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Being a modular design, if only a small amount of excess solar is available just one or maybe two AC Batteries can be added without having a substantial capital outlay to purchase a large battery system.  If the solar energy increases because additional solar modules are added or daytime usage decreases additional batteries can be easily added as required.

envoy_HERO_euro_ANZ_1440x600The new Enphase IQ Gateway – metered allows both the solar generation and energy usage to be monitored so you can accurately determine how much storage is required.

This allows purchasing the optimum battery capacity with the ability to upgrade as energy needs change. Perfect!

The performance of the Enphase AC Battery is incredible.  They are designed for a Depth of Discharge (usable capacity) of greater than 95% and have a warranty of greater than 80% capacity, up to 10 years or 7300 cycles whichever comes first.

That’s 2 cycles a day for 10 years. Impressive!

The battery can be used to store excess solar generation during the day for use in the evening and then be recharged late at night during off peak periods ready for use in the morning for breakfast.

Enphase solar generation illustrationEnphase solar shift illustration

A key benefit of the Enphase AC Battery is they are fully integrated with Enphase solar systems, have energy management control, all provided from one manufacturer.  You don’t need to try and match the inverter with the battery.  There is not multiple manufacturers involved with varying warranties so if there is a problem it won’t be up to you to determine whether there is a problem with the charger,inverter or the battery.   Being modular there is no single point of failure so if a battery is disconnected the customers solar and storage system continues to operate with the remaining equipment.

You can add the Enphase AC battery to ‘any’ existing AC or DC solar system.

You simply wire the Enphase AC battery into the AC wiring of the switchboard without having to touch the existing solar system.  There is no need to replace the existing inverter with a new interactive inverter-charger to add the Enphase AC battery.


Is the Enphase AC Battery safe?

It’s extremely Safe!

With the Enphase AC Battery there is no external DC wiring and hence no dangerous high DC voltages which can be the cause of fire or shock – so it is a much safer system than DC energy storage options.  The battery chemistry used is lithium ion phosphate (Eliiy Power – Japan) which is significantly safer than other lithium ion technologies.  The video below demonstrates the safety of this battery chemistry compared with other lithium ion solutions.  Tests were conducted independently by the well respected TUV Rheinland.

Is the Enphase AC Battery easy to install?

It’s very easy to install!

AC Battery documentation now available from AC Solar Warehouse

  • Safe Work Practices for the installation, transportation and handling of AC Batteries
  • Installation checklist
  • Material Safety Datasheet
  • Electrical drawings
  • Quick Install guide
  • Product manuals
  • Warranty information

AC Solar Warehouse AC Battery label kits are fully compliant with relevant standards.  Many generic kits are not – don’t get caught out!


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