Enphase Mobile Connect



The Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem and data plan provide easy and reliable networking of an Enphase System without needing to rely on an internet connection at the site.

Pre-configured and simple to install, the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem plugs directly into the Enphase Envoy-S USB port, no additional wiring is required.

With the Enphase Mobile Connect you get:

3G cellular modem, MultiTech Cell 100 Series MTC-H5

Pre-configured and installed, industrial grade SIM card

Five-year pre-paid data plan

Antenna (Laird Heptaband)

USB to mini-USB cable

Five-year warranty

The Enphase Mobile Connect is purpose-built for systems up to 10kW and available across Australia and New Zealand. It picks up the best signal from the major carrier in your local region, whether that is Telstra, Optus or Vodafone for Australia, or Telecom Mobile, 2degrees or Vodafone for New Zealand.