sonnenBatterie Evo 10kWh AC coupled battery

The NEW sonnenBatterie Evo built for the great outdoors

Details sonnenBatterie Evo

Item ID: sBEvo SKU: 1996 Sonnen is currently offering promotions that benefit solar installers and their customers when installing sonnenBatterie Evo.  To ensure you are across each of these promotions, we have outlined them on this article: Unlock the Unlock the Power of sonnenBatterie Evo 10kWh – sonnen promotions

Description sonnenBatterie Evo

A battery system that can endure the climate and longevity of external surroundings and changing energy requirements. German designed and engineered to store solar energy to power homes in the day, or night. Home owners deserve a long-lasting and safe solution that will power the heart of their home and deliver you peace of mind.
  • Nominal Capacity/ Usable Capacity -  11kWh/10kWh
  • Nominal Power/ 30 min Peak Power - 5kW/5.3kVA
  • Cell Chemistry - Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Indoor and Outdoor installation - IP56
  • Warranty - 10 years or 10,000 cycles

How to install sonnenBatterie Evo