Sungrow LFP battery - SBR064 Accessory kit for 6.4kWh system only
Switchgear / Cover / Base

The sungrow battery consists of an accessory kit and stackable battery modules (purchased separately)

The accessory kit consists of the the battery base and battery top of the Sungrow battery.  The stackable battery modules are purchased separately.  The Sungrow battery requires a minimum of 3 stackable battery modules up to a maximum of 8 stackable battery modules per battery.


Modular stackable design - Easy and safe installation by one person

 Note: product image depicts the Sungrow battery with 5 battery modules Sungrow have developed an innovative energy storage solution for residential applications.  This battery system can be used to store excess solar generated for use at night, provide backup power for when the grid goes down or for full time off grid applications.  
The battery system is a stackable modular design which a single person can easily install.  It consists of stackable battery modules each 3.2kWh in capacity (100% usable energy).  Simply stack the modules on top of each-other and there is no wiring involved.  Inbuilt plugs in each module connect together as they are stacked. 

You can choose to stack from 3 modules (9.6kWh) up to 8 modules (a huge 25.6kWh) per battery unit depending on the customers storage requirements.  It doesn't end there, you can also parallel up to 4 battery units providing an enormous 102.4kWh of usable storage capacity. 

The battery modules are lithium-ion phosphate.  The leading battery chemistry in performance and safety. The battery has built in BMS system and circuit breakers.  

The battery is IP55 rated and there are no internal dip switches or setup required.  Simply stack the batteries and wire to the inverter.  

Each battery module has handles making installation easy and safe. Inverters which can be used with the Sungrow battery are the Sungrow Hybrid inverters models  SH5.0RT, SH6.0RT, SH8.0RT, SH10RT  


  • Plug and Play, wiring-less connection between modules
  • Compact and Light, single person installation


  • Support 3–8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range
  • Extendable during lifetime


  • authorised certification
  • Multi-stages protection design plus
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery


  • discharging current
  • 30 A continuous charging and
  • 100% usable energy

Sungrow battery installation training

Below is a video of a training webinar for the installation of the Sungrow battery providing detailed instructions.  

Duration 48 minutes