AC Surge Protector - All Inverters (Mainboard)

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    • AC connection
    • Single phase device (3 required for 3ph)
    • Installed in the main switchboard (not subboard)  Surge protection in subboards require neutral surge protection
    • Used on SolarEdge inverters and Enphase microinverters
    The AC surge protector is connected to the AC cabling of SolarEdge and Enphase inverters. The AC surge protector reduces faults in inverters, and other electrical appliances caused by electrical surges on the AC cabling of the solar system.  Electrical surges can occur on the AC, DC and communication cabling connected to the inverter or DC optimisers. Electrical surges can be caused by a variety of factors including:
    • Lightning strikes either directly or indirectly
    • Switching of electrical loads; or
    • Switching of electrical circuits on the grid; or
    • Failures on the grid such as trees falling onto power lines etc.
    Surges from lightning are not simply from direct lightning strikes; lightning in the vicinity can cause surges or even lightning strikes on the power or telecommunications lines many kilometres away, can cause a surge on the solar system's cabling. The AC surge protector is not designed to protect against a direct lightning strike, but rather large electrical surges resulting from lightning strikes occurring within the vicinity. The AC surge protector is designed to divert electrical surges to ground when a surge is detected on the circuit. The cartridge has the ability to divert multiple surges before it requires replacement. It has a visual status indicating when it needs to be changed. The AC surge protector is designed for DIN rail mounting and is installed in the main switchboard closest to the inverters. For three-phase systems, three units are used. By installing this surge protector on the busbar supplying the solar system it will not only provide protection to the solar system it will also provide protection for other circuits fed from this busbar.  Therefore providing surge protection for other appliances fed from this switchboard such as TV's, computers etc It is highly recommended to install appropriate surge protection for all PV system installations and failure to have sufficient protection can affect warranty claims or put the system at risk of irreparable damage.