Enphase IQ System Controller 3 INT


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    Item ID: 2314 SKU: SC100G-M230ROW   

    Backup power from the Enphase IQ battery

    The IQ System Controller is a part of the Enphase Energy System which consolidates interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamlines grid-independent capabilities of PV and storage.  It provides a consistent, pre-wired solution for residential solar + storage applications. During outages, it isolates the solar system from the grid and connects the storage. The IQ System Controller senses when the grid goes down and seamlessly transitions the home from grid power to backup power. IQ System Controller disconnects the grid and powers the backup loads using the IQ Battery, PV system and the switchboard that houses the circuits that will be powered during a grid outage.
    The IQ System Controller has the Smart Switch, the Enphase IQ Gateway, Circuit protection, Power Control and anti-islanding protection as required by Australian and New Zealand standards. IQ System Controller communicates with the IQ Batteries wirelessly on the same communications platform as microinverters. 


    Key features and Benefits


    • 10-year limited warranty
    • Durable IP55 enclosure
    • Ten-year limited warranty


    • Controls safe connectivity to the grid
    • Automatically detects grid outages
    • Provides seamless transition to backup
    • Wired Controls


    • Supports single phase and three phase configurations for solar and grid
    • Supports conduit entry from the bottom, rear, left, and right
    • Supports IQ7 and S Series Microinverters
    • Supports main circuit breaker up to 80 A

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