Enphase IQ Relay (20A single phase)



Relay controller for voltage/frequency compliance for single-phase systems


IQ Relay

In Enphase installations, the IQ Relay (network system relay controller) acts as a physical disconnection device relay controller for single-phase installations. During specified grid abnormalities, the IQ Relay disconnects the Enphase Microinverters from the AC grid, and when the voltages return to normal and the grid frequency is in the acceptable range, the IQ Relay reconnects the system. The IQ Relay works in series with the Envoy-S tobreak both line and neutral, when needed, per grid requirements.
Easy to Install • Lightweight and simple • DIN rail mount for quick installation Reliable • Dependable load control • Automatically resets when normal voltage resumes Smart • Performs voltage and frequency ride-through• Remote upgrade capability • Easy to read LEDs

Front of relay

Left side of IQ relay

Right side of IQ relay

Bottom of IQ relay

Top of IQ relay


IQ Relay incorporated in Enphase IQ solar range of distribution boards

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