iStore 5kWh battery module

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    iStore 5kWh battery module


    The iStore battery features a modular design. Instead of needing to purchase an additional battery to expand your home’s energy storage reserves, you simply add another battery block to your iStore Solar Battery, saving both money and space. Thanks to this innovative design, the iStore can be scaled from 5 kWh to 30 kWh in size.


    The iStore solar battery consists of stackable modules, each weighing 50kg, with a capacity of 5kWh. By connecting three modules together, you can create a 15kWh battery.

    In addition, two sets of these 15kWh batteries can be connected in parallel to achieve a maximum capacity of 30kWh. Each battery stack can reach 5kW output power and 7kW surge power for 10s


    • Modular design allows for flexible investment
    • Perfect compatibility with both single and three phase iStore Hybrid inverters
    • More usable energy with 100% depth of discharge


    Power Module

    • Number of modules: 1
    • Rated charge and discharge power: 5kW
    • Nominal voltage (single-phase system): 450V
    • Operating voltage (single-phase system): 350–560 V
    • Nominal voltage (three-phase system): 600V
    • Operating voltage (three-phase system): 600–980V



    • Display: SOC status indicator, LED indicator
    • Comms: RS485/CAN (only for parallel operation) 



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