Selectronic SP Pro Series 2i 20kW 120V multi-mode inverter

High quality Off-Grid and Solar Hybrid (grid-connect) inverter



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The SP PRO Series 2i is a smarter multi-mode inverter capable of managing every aspect of your energy needs. By incorporating solar PV or another renewable energy source with the SP PRO and batteries, you can be sure you will never be without power.

The SP PRO Series 2i is suitable for both Off-Grid and Grid-Backup installations for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Selectronic inverters provide a true transition from a hybrid to an off-grid system (and vice versa) with a simple on-site setting change.

Selectronic’s SP Pro inverters are made locally and installed globally. You can find them in the tropics of Indonesia, the mountains of the Himalayas, the deserts of UAE, the outback of Australia and on suburban homes throughout the world.

Selectronic has you covered with inverters that offer grid independence, outstanding reliability, ultimate flexibility, retro-fit capability, up to 10 year warranty and after sales support that is second to none.


Power Chain

Build bigger and better off-grid/grid support systems with Selectronic Powerchain, install up to 4 SP Pros per phase and across 3 phases for up to 240kVA of battery inverter capacity and 480kVA of PV inverter capacity through Managed AC Coupling.



Compatible batteries

The SP Pro Series 2i 120V inverter range is compatible with Selectronic’s own SelectCell Ultimate battery designed from the ground up to work with SP Pro.