ZYC SIMPO 5000 Battery Module - 48V - 5.12kWh



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51.2V Battery System | 5.12kWh

ZYC Introduction and Battery Compatibility

ZYC Energy launched in the Australian market earlier this year and are already having a significant impact. They offer a great value 48V energy storage solution that is compatible with inverters from popular manufacturers including:

The team at ZYC have decades of global experience in designing and delivering quality energy storage solutions.  Their flagship product, the SIMPO5000, is a fully featured 5.12kWh (usable) battery module that can be used either free-standing or mounted into a pre-wired cabinet.

Key benefits of ZYC Energy Solutions

  • LFP battery chemistry optimised for safety and performance.
  • Can be configured as self-managed or fully-managed.
  • Automatic (one click) commissioning.
  • One BMU per battery meaning no single point of failure and units are hot-swappable.
  • Installer app allows you to monitor and remotely diagnose your battery installations.
  • 10-year warranty with 70% performance after 10 years.
  • Charging temperature range is industry leading -10 degrees C to +55 degrees C
  • Expandable up to 64 units in parallel (326kWh)
  • Very competitively priced 

Key Features of ZYC SIMPO 5000 Scalable Battery

Communication Free Mode

2 communication options: CAN communication & Non-communication

64 Max Scalability

Up to 64 units in parallel, no extra communication parts are required, with a standard 10-inch rack design for maximum project flexibility

Charging at -10°C

Low temperature friendly battery technology. Ensures optimal charging/discharging even in winter, down to -10°C

Auto Setup

Automated setup, no app needed. Start running the system in minutes with a quick installation

Pre-wired Cabinet

2 options. Up to 6 units or 10 units in one cabinet, offers 6 units parallel or 10 units parallel option

No Communication Hub

No extra communication Hub needed for parallel connections. Each battery can be the master to manage the whole system. 

Integrated Air Switch

Advanced system protection, ensuring the utmost safety for your power supply

Hot Swappable

Easy maintenance, without interruption of system running

Calculator Tool

Utilise our unique project calculator for effortless sizing and seamless pairing with inverters

High C rate

Power class increased with pre-wired DC bUSBAR. Maximise the system power, minimise the battery size. 

10-year Warranty

10 years 70% performance warranty. We stand by the top quality and reliability of our solutions. 

Portal Monitoring 

Simplify monitoring and control the energy storage projects with a personalised online portal. 

Learn how to install ZYC SIMPO 5000 watching this video