SolarEdge 4.8kW Smart Hot Water Controller - SolarEdge Home Network

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    Details SolarEdge 4.8kW Home Hot Water Controller

    Item ID: 2379 SKU: SMRT-HOT-WTR-48-S2 The new SolarEdge 4.8kW Home Hot Water Controller replaces the old energy hot water device SKU: SMRT-HOT-WTR-48-S1. Effective from June 2023. What is new on this latest version?  The new model has undergone a complete redesign for enhanced reliability, faster energy control and smarter scheduling.

    Key benefits & technical features for Solar Installers

    • Maximise self-consumption by storing excess solar energy as hot water
    • Integrates seamlessly with the entire SolarEdge Home system, providing a unified solution for warranty, support, and training, simplifying logistics and operations.
    • Automatically adapts the power supplied to the water heater based on the available PV power, up to a maximum of 4.8kW.
    • Utilises wireless communication through the SolarEdge Home Network to connect with the inverter, reducing wiring, labour, and installation faults.
    • Includes a built-in meter to monitor power consumption of the hot water system.
    • Simple wall mount installation.
    • Suitable for powering purely resistive loads only.
    • Optional temperature sensor available for optimised heating. See SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot  Water Controller

    Additional benefits

    Benefits for your business

    • Create new upsell opportunities and earn more revenue from each SolarEdge sale
    • Offer cost-effective thermal energy storage compared to Li-ion batteries
    • Further, reduce your customers’ electricity bills by growing their solar self-consumption

    Benefits of the product

    • Increases self-consumption by diverting excess solar energy to the hot water boiler
    • Enables cost-effective thermal energy storage compared to Li-ion batteries
    • Delivers high efficiency of >98%
    • Powers purely resistive loads of up to 4.8kW
    • Reads water temperature using an optional temperature sensor
    • Connects to SolarEdge residential inverters via wireless communication
    • Integrates easily with the SolarEdge monitoring platform

    Learn more about SolarEdge

    Installation video

    Once the SolarEdge home hot water controller is installed, it seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform letting homeowners conveniently control water heating directly from their smartphone.


    Configuration video

    Learn more about this product on the manufacturer product page:  SolarEdge product page.