SolarEdge 3 Phase Inline Energy Meter - SolarEdge Home Network

Compatible with SolarEdge residential inverters only.
Inverter Home Network plugin required for wireless functionality [ENET-HBCL-01 OR ENET-HBNP-01]. Hardwired RS485 comms possible.
Optional external antenna ID2304 [SE-ANT-ENET-HB-01] recommended to boost signal strength.


Wireless Energy Net Technology

Easily installed, highly accurate production and consumption metering solution that fits comfortably into standard electrical switchboards.



  • Wireless communications with the inverter via the SolarEdge Energy Net  platform, avoiding the hassle of long RS485 cabling
  • Integrated current transformers, eliminating the need to install them externally
  • Ability to extend transmission range using an optional external antenna

Key Benefits

  • Conveniently fits into standard electrical cabinets
  • ±1% accuracy when performing export/import, production and consumption measurements
  • Integrated current transformers for fast installation and reduced labor costs
  • Communicates wirelessly with all devices through SolarEdge Energy Net (RS485 is optional), with optional antenna for extended range
  • Enables direct connection of up to 65A per phase, for single and three phase grid connections
  • Automatic setup detection with the SolarEdge inverter
  • Intuitive meter configuration and meter status visibility using SetApp

How to install


How to configure