SolarEdge EV charger cable and holder, 4.5m, type 2, 32A

Best EV charger in Australia

This is the world's first EV charger incorporated into a solar inverter

Homeowners can charge electric vehicles up to four times faster than a standard Level 1 charger through an innovative solar boost mode that utilises grid and PV charging simultaneously. An integrated EV charger and solar inverter eliminates the need for a separate EV charger and the additional wiring, conduit and potential switchboard upgrades that comes with it. Whether your customer owns an EV now or just wants to be EV-ready, future-proof their home with SolarEdge.  

Use solar to charge your EV


EV charging during Off-peak hours

Monitor solar, EV charging and energy usage

Integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform.  Homeowners can track their charging status, control vehicle charging, and set charging schedules. Monitoring features include:
  • Smart-scheduling for use with Time of Use (TOU) rates — charge from the grid during off-peak hours
  • Track solar, EV, and grid consumption for visibility and control of household energy usage
  • Remote operation via mobile app — turn charging on and off
  • View charging duration, charge energy, and percent charge from solar
  • Easy inverter commissioning directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application

Inverter is ordered separately

SolarEdge EV charger installation