SolarEdge S1200 commercial power optimiser with 0.10m input

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    • Item ID: 2110
    • SKU: S1200-1GM4MBV
    • Box quantity: 10


    • Connects to 2 panels in series, up to 1200Wp input
    • Output cable lengths 5.3m (+) and 0.1m (-)
    • Input cable lengths 2 x 0.10m to suit most panels with standard junction boxes


    • The S-Series – SolarEdge’s Most Advanced Commercial Power Optimiser Yet. Bring unrivalled safety and efficiency to your next commercial project.
    • Smart: Boost site production with expanded design flexibility.
    • Simple: Move faster with simplified wiring.
    • Safe: Install lasting confidence with SolarEdge Sense Connect, an industry-first arc detection and prevention feature.
    • As always, you’ll continue to boost energy production with DC optimisation and experience 100% system visibility with module-level monitoring.


    • High efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
    • Compatible with multiple module types, including high input current, high power and bifacial modules
    • Maximises system production by constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each module
    • Reduces losses related to module mismatch often caused by shading, dirt, uneven mono/bifacial module ageing and other factors
    • Flexible project design enabling optimal usage of rooftop space/ground area and lower BOS costs
    • Real-time tracking of module performance and remote troubleshooting
    • Built-in, industry-leading safety features
    • SafeDC™: automatically reduces high DC voltage to touch-safe levels during grid or inverter shut down
    • SolarEdge Sense Connect: constantly monitors Power Optimiser connectors, identifying improper connections and possible malfunctions for early detection and mitigation of arc risks
    • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
    • Long-term 25-year warranty