Sungrow 10kW single phase hybrid storage inverter - Suits Sungrow battery modules

SH10RS - Residential Hybrid Inverter

The Sungrow SH10RS is a 10kW residential hybrid single-phase inverter designed for solar power systems. This inverter is suitable for both grid-tied and off-grid systems, offering a hybrid functionality that allows for energy storage integration. Learn more about the off-grid functionality here.


  • Item ID: 2429
  • SKU: SH10.0RS
  • Single phase
  • Suits Sungrow 9.6/12.8/16.0/19.2kWh battery module stacks
  • Winet-S dongle included
  • Back-up circuit hardware included
  • IP66
  • Includes DTSU666-20 mart meter

Key Features and Benefits of the new Sungrow Residential Hybrid Inverter 10kW

Flexible application

  • Supports both new installations and retrofit scenarios
  • 200% DC/AC PV input with 16A*4MPPTs for efficient power conversion
  • Incorporates a built-in smart PID recovery function

Smart management

  • Provides real-time data with a refresh rate of 10 seconds
  • Enables 24/7 live monitoring through online and integrated display
  • Offers online IV curve scan and diagnosis for efficient troubleshooting

Energy independence

  • Seamlessly transitions to backup mode for uninterrupted power during outages
  • Allows for fast charging or discharging, leading to increased self-consumption
  • Features a built-in EMS with advanced customisation options


  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • iSolarCloud monitoring available through both mobile app and web
  • Provides whole home backup functionality

Technical Specifications