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Solar Distribution Boards

AC Boards from AC Solar Warehouse saves you valuable time and money when installing residential and commercial solar systems.  Fully wired and tested, simply mount the AC Board, connect the grid supply and solar circuits, then commission the solar system.

AC Solar Warehouse - Solar Distribution Board manufacturer Australia and New Zealand

AC Solar Warehouse is the largest manufacturer of solar switchboards for both residential and commercial solar installations

A full range of Enphase Distribution Boards for residential and commercial Enphase microinverter installations and a full range of Solar Distribution Boards for commercial solar systems using SolarEdge, SMA, Sungrow and other inverter brands.

Prewired, tested and engineer certified in compliance with AS/NZS 61439, the range of Solar Distribution Boards from AC Solar Warehouse are available from our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland.

Saving you time and money

  • No switchboard design required
  • No purchasing of individual components
  • No switchboard construction required
  • No switchboard testing required
  • No switchboard verification process required to meet the new Australian and New Zealand standards
Faster solar installations
  • High quality installs
  • Consistent quality installs
  • Simply connect the grid supply and solar circuits to the AC Board and commission.
  • Compliant to Australian and New Zealand standards
  • Compliant to electricity utilities requirements
  • Designed and certified by engineers making engineering certification of the solar installation simple

Enphase Solar Distribution Boards

Full range of Enphase switchboards for residential and commercial Enphase microinverter installations.

  • Single phase indoor and outdoor Enphase boards
  • Two phase indoor and outdoor Enphase boards
  • Three phase indoor and outdoor Enphase boards
Enphase switchboards are assembled using genuine Enphase and Hager components.

Boards are prewired, tested and ready for fast dispatch from our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Auckland.

Order your Enphase switchboards with your Enphase equipment and save.

Commercial Solar Boards

AC Boards designed for Enphase, SolarEdge, SMA and Sungrow inverters

We have a complete range of AC Boards to suit your favourite inverters.  The AC Boards include everything needed to meet the distribution utilities requirements for Network Protection.  If you are using a 110kW Sungrow inverter we have an AC Board that is matched perfectly with this inverter.    We have standard boards for dual inverters, up to 4 inverters and commercial microinverter installations.  Custom AC boards for large scale solar installations are also available.  If you want an AC Board for a different brand inverter, just ask us! We make these too!

Designed by electrical engineers, electricians and CEC accredited solar installers

AC Boards are designed by our professional engineering team with over 100 years of combined engineering experience in the solar industry ensuring compliance with the latest Australian and New Zealand standards and utility requirements.  The designs are a result of working with our in-house CEC accredited electricians and leading solar installers over the years to save time and money with your solar installations.

AS/NZS 61439 Compliance

AS/NZS 61439 is a series of standards for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies that is superseding the AS/NZS 3439 standard. These are defined as a combination of one or more low-voltage switching devices together with associated control, measuring, signalling, protective, regulating equipment with all the internal electrical and mechanical interconnections and structural parts.

A major introduction in this new standard is the requirement to perform design verification which applies to all assemblies, whether they are designed on a one-off basis or fully standardised and manufactured in quantity.

AS/NZS 61439 is applicable from Monday 24 May 2021.  Click here to find out more

How to buy

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Tell us about your project and we can suggest an AC Board for your needs

What solar installers are saying about AC Boards?

“Hands down the easiest way to install a solar system”

“I’ll never install another solar system without using one of these boards”

“Now all our jobs look the same, and look good – regardless of the installer we use”

“How good are the distribution boards by AC Solar Warehouse.  Making life easier for the boys!”

“Ducks nuts”

“Love them, so tidy”

Quality Assurance

  • Designed by our experienced engineering team
  • Manufactured in-house under strict quality controls
  • Fully assembled, pre-wired, tested and ready for installation
  • Comprised of quality components from leading manufacturers (e.g. Legrand, Hager, Enphase, ABB, Rittal)
  • Engineer Certified to appropriate AS/NZS standards (including AS/NZS 61439)
  • Available for all residential and commercial solar systems from a few kW to MW
  • Able to be built to a custom specification to suit specific projects quickly

Engineering Services

In addition to supplying certified AC Boards, our experienced in-house engineers can provide design certification reports and compliance assessment reports.  We can prepare site-specific designs including fault current calculations, voltage rise calculations, switchboard design, secondary network protection configuration etc which comply with Australian standards and the relevant utility requirements.

  • Schematic diagrams
  • Design Certification Reports (DCR)
  • Compliance Assessment Reports (CAR)
  • Power Quality Testing
For more information on Engineering Services for commercial solar installations please click here

Commercial Solar Boards

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