Hyundai DG Series - G12 Shingled panel - Full Black

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Hyundai DG Series - G12 Shingled panel - Full Black
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Hyundai has recently launched the  Hyundai 415W – DG Series, G12 shingled cell solar panel , and we’re excited to announce that it’s now available in our warehouses.

What Makes This Panel Special: Features and Benefits

This cutting-edge solar panel comes with impressive features designed to enhance its performance and longevity:
1. G12 PERC Shingled Technology: Ultra-High Efficiency
The G12 PERC Shingled Technology brings exceptional efficiency, especially in low light conditions. Maximises installation capacity in limited space.

2. Anti-LID / PID: Ensuring Long-Term Yield
Say goodbye to Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID). These panels are engineered to eliminate both, ensuring that they maintain higher actual yield over their entire lifespan.

3. Mechanical Strength: Built to Withstand the Elements
The panel’s tempered glass and robust frame design make it incredibly durable, capable of weathering heavy snow, strong winds, and other rigorous weather conditions.

4. Corrosion Resistance: Tested for Harsh Environments
Extensive testing under tough conditions like ammonia and salt mist ensures that these panels remain corrosion-free, even in harsh environmental settings.

5. Certified UL/ VDE Test Labs
Hyundai’s R&D center boasts accreditation from both UL and VDE, offering added assurance of quality and performance.

6. Reliable 25-Year Warranty
Backed by Hyundai’s strong financial stability, this panel comes with a dependable 25-year warranty covering material, workmanship, and performance.

  • 25-Year Product Warranty – On material and workmanship
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty
    • Initial year: 98.0%
    • Linear warranty after second year: with 0.55%p annual degradation, 84.80% is guaranteed up to 25 years

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Download the  Spec sheet

Installation Considerations for Solar Installers

For solar installers, here are some key points to consider during installation:

1.  Placement and Orientation
Optimal placement and orientation will contribute to maximising the panel’s energy production. Consult installation guidelines for best practices.

2.  Wiring Configuration
Unlike conventional panels, the shingled design allows for parallel wiring, reducing shading-related energy losses and enhancing overall system efficiency.

3.  Mechanical Strength
The reinforced frame design adds to the panel’s mechanical strength, allowing for secure installation in weather conditions.

4.  MLPE Wiring
When wiring Hyundai DG panel with MLPE (microinverters and DC optimised system) a  DC extension lead   will be required.

Overview of Shingled Panel Technology

Shingled panels represent a leap in solar panel technology, offering unique advantages over conventional designs:

1.  Increased Power Generation
The absence of busbars on top of cells means more exposure to sunlight, leading to higher power output per unit area. Panels can be configured closer together, further boosting energy generation.

2.  Improved Reliability
Fewer busbars and soldered joints result in fewer failure points. Shingled panels have demonstrated enhanced resistance to mechanical stresses and external forces.

3.   More Attractive
Shingled panels have a clean, sleek appearance due to their hidden circuitry. This adds to their visual appeal, making them an attractive choice for both residential and commercial installations.

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Hyundail 415W – DG Series – G12 shingled panel conclusions

In conclusion, Hyundai’s new 415W – DG Series, G12 shingled cell solar panel represents a significant advancement in solar technology. Its high efficiency, resistance to degradation, mechanical strength, and clean aesthetics make it a compelling option for both solar installers and final consumers. As solar panels get better, shingled modules are the best right now when it comes to how well they work, how dependable they are, and how they look.

Authorised Distributor of Hyundai in Australia & New Zealand

We take pride in being the exclusive authorised distributor of Hyundai in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, we are the only Australian distributor with these new all-black modules in stock.
As part of our offerings, we provide a variety of different-sized, end-of-line  Hyundai solar panels at clearance prices . For more details, feel free to reach out to our team.
We have in-house engineers and Hyundai specialists who can help you with system design and product selections. Our Engineering and Account Management team’s knowledge ensures you can navigate any technical or support issues. Feel free to contact us for assistance or further information.