Nova Solar Racking Module Clamp




New Design

Use as either a mid clamp or end clamp

Nova Solar Racking solar module clamp is a universal mid/end clamp.  The clamp can be used as either a mid clamp or an end clamp.   Simply rotate the clamp for use as an end clamp.


Key design features:

Clips into rail – The clamp is designed to clip into the rail resulting in very fast installation.   Less clamps being dropped and sliding into the gutter.  Yay!

Only one clamp – This clamp is used as either a mid clamp OR an end clamp.  No need to stock both mid and end clamps reducing ordering and managing stock.  This allows crews to easily change layouts without having to source additional end clamps.

No assembly required – The Nova Solar Racking solar module clamp is pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the box.

Great value – The Nova Solar Racking design minimizes material and weight reducing manufacturing and transportation costs.


Try it, you’ll love it!

Installers using Nova Solar Racking save time, save money and deliver high-quality installations every time