SolarEdge Home Battery

SolarEdge Home Battery – 10kWh

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Item ID: 1927

SKU: BAT-10K1PS0B-01

SolarEdge Home Battery for Australia

Optimised for SolarEdge Home Hub Inverters for on-grid and backup applications

The New SolarEdge Home Battery 10kWh battery has a usable energy of 9.7kWh and a 100% depth of discharge capability.  The continuous output power is 5kW with a peak output power in backup mode of 7.5kW for 10 seconds.  The round trip efficiency of greater than 94.5% is one of the highest in the market.

The compatible SolarEdge inverters for the Home Battery is the Genesis single phase inverters and the Home Hub single phase inverters.

Up to 3 batteries can be installed on the same inverter providing a capacity of up to 29.1 kWh.  To install more than one battery additional branch cables are required.  These are ordered separately.

The battery can be installed indoors or outdoors with an IP55 rating and operating temperature of -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.  The battery can be either wall mounted, using handles (purchased separately) or floor mounted using the purpose built floor stand (purchased separately).

When purchasing the SolarEdge Home Battery, the Home Network Card will now be included at no additional cost. The Home Network Plugin, previously known as Energy Net Plugin, enables wireless communication between the inverter and battery.

SolarEdge Home Battery

Installation Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D):   790 x 1179 x 250mm

Weight:   108kg

Mounting:   wall mount of floor mount

Operating Temperature:   -10 to +50 degrees C

Enclosure Protection:   IP55 – indoor and outdoor

Maximum Altitude:   2000m

Cooling:   Natural convection

Noise at 1m distrance:    <25dBA

SolarEdge Home Battery Back- front and sides

  • Solar, storage, EV charging, and smart devices all monitored and managed by a single app to optimize solar production, consumption and backup power
  • Integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, and simplified logistics & operations
  • Scalable solution for increased power and capacity with multiple SolarEdge inverters and batteries
  • Wireless communication to the inverter, reducing wiring, labor and installation faults
  • Simple plug and play installation, with automatic SetApp-based configuration

Read the SolarEdge Home Battery FAQ for Australia and New Zealand Solar Installers here.

How to Install – wall mounted



How to install – floor mounted

Learn more about SolarEdge here

SolarEdge Home Battery details

  • Item ID: 1927
  • SKU: BAT-10K1PS0B-12

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