AC Board Pro - 160A 1-4 Inverters

Secondary Network Protection and Solar Distribution board includes:
• Board Dimensions: 800(H) x 600(W) x 250(D) [mm]
• Board Colour: RAL 7035
• IP66
• Powder-coated steel with top and bottom gland plates
• Switchgear rated to 160A
• ABB Grid Protection Relay, pre-programmed to DNSP settings
• Fault rated to 14.7kA
• Fault current applies to entire assembly, complying with AS/NZS 61439.1:10
• For higher fault currents, please call ACSW to discuss
• 4 Inverter breakers mounted on a chassis
• Spare 3 phase MCB
• Internal RCBO protected GPO
• Separate GPR supply and voltage reference
• Fuse protected monitoring
• 3-Point Locking System
• Pre-labelled with additional labels included for MSB
• Pre-wired and factory tested according to AS/NZS 61439.1: Clause 11
• Compliant to AS/NZS 3008.1.1:2017, AS/NZS 3000:2018, AS/NZS 5033:2021, AS/NZS 4777.1:2016, AS/NZS 61439.2:2016

- Available Modifications -
• Swap ABB Network Protection Relay for ComApp MainsPro (+$50)
• Install test links for injection testing (+$100)
• Install Generation Signalling Device (Queensland only) (+$100)
• Install 3P+N AC surge diversion (+$250)

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    AC Board Pro - 160A 1-4 Inverters

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    SKU: ACBP-16DU80

    Range: Pro (excellent functionality, safety and efficiency, if you are looking for more cost effective options, please check our AC Board Classic Range)

    AC Board Pro - 160A Up to 4 Inverters Description

    The AC Board Pro - 160A multiple Inverters is a commercial solar distribution board compatible with most commercial inverter brands. This solar distribution board is an essential component of a solar power system, designed to manage and distribute the electricity generated by solar panels. 

    Designed to deliver excellent functionality, safety, and efficiency, the AC Board Pro is ideal for commercial solar systems, supporting up to 4 inverters with a combined output of 88kW.

    These Commercial Solar Distribution boards include all necessary electrical components for installing three-phase commercial solar systems. Many solar installers across Australia and New Zealand consider them the fastest and easiest solution for commercial solar system installations.

    The unit comes fully labeled, with additional labels for the main switchboard.

    The grid protection relay (GPR) settings are pre-configured to comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards and utility requirements. 

    We have SolarEdge commercial inverters, SMA commercial inverters (Sunny Tripower X 15kW, 20 kW and 25kW) and Sungrow commercial inverters. Contact us for inverter compatibility. 

    Key Features and Benefits of AC Board Pro - 160A 

    Here are some key features and benefits of a AC Board Pro for solar installers:

    • Includes useful components for testing, installation and central protection verification, such as an internal 10A RCBO protected GPO, a spare 3-phase 10A breaker, isolatable 3-phase GPR voltage reference, 32A HRC fault limiting fuses for control circuitry and dedicated inverter isolators.
    • Simplified Installation: Pre-configured settings and fully labeled components make the installation process quicker and easier, saving time and reducing errors. 
    • Compatibility: Being compatible with any inverter brand allows for flexibility in system design and ease of integration with existing equipment.
    • Efficiency: Efficiently manages and distributes electricity, optimising the performance of the solar power system and ensuring reliable operation.
    • Compliance: Pre-configured grid protection relay (GPR) settings ensure compliance with Australian standards and utility requirements.
    • Uniform looks across all installs.
    • Ideal for commercial solar systems with up to 4 inverters with a combined output of up to 88kW.
    • High quality and trusted components such as Rittal enclosures and ABB Switchgear.
    • Designed and certified by Registered Professional Engineers.
    • Manufactured in-house by AC Solar Warehouse, cutting out unnecessary steps in the supply chain, we ensure that you receive high-quality products at the best possible prices.

    Available modifications - Custom your distribution board

    For little more than the cost of the components themselves, this solar switchboard saves valuable time on site, eliminates wiring problems and speeds up commissioning. If you wish to further customise your switchboard, consider adding the following features:

    • Swap ABB Network Protection Relay for ComApp MainsPro (+$50)
    • Install test links for injection testing (+$100)
    • Install Generation Signalling Device (Queensland only) (+$100)
    • Install 3P+N AC surge diversion (+$250)

    Mechanical and Technical Specifications AC Board Pro

    • Enclosure material: Powder coated mild metal
    • Enclosure dimensions: 600W x 800H x 250D (mm)
    • IP rating: IP 66
    • Weight: 50kg
    • Cable entries: Gland plate top + bottom
    • Labels: Pre-labelled to meet AS/NZS 4777.1:2016 & AS/NZS 5033:2021 with additional labels for main board.
    • Color: Grey (RAL7035)
    • Operating temperature: -25°C to +40°C Ambient

    Professional Engineering Services for Solar Installers

    At AC Solar Warehouse we have experienced in-house Registered Professional Engineers for design, test and inspection reports required by selected utilities for systems above 30kVA. (costs apply so contact us for pricing)

    • Schematic diagrams
    • Design Certification Reports (DCR)
    • Compliance Assessment Reports (CAR)
    • Power Quality Testing

    We prepare fault level calculations which vary from site-to-site and determine the network protection requirements to suit the specific distribution utility's requirements.  

    Learn more about our Professional Engineering Support or contact our team. 

    Switchboards designed for professional solar installers who want to save time and money

     Below is what installers are saying about AC Solar Warehouse Solar Distribution Boards.

    • "Hands down the easiest way to install a solar system" 
    • "I'll never install another solar system without using one of these boards" 
    • "Now all our jobs look the same, and look good - regardless of the installer we use" 
    • "How good are the distribution boards by AC Solar Warehouse.  Making life easier for the boys!"
    • "Ducks nuts"
    • "Love them, so tidy"   

    If you're not using one of these boards your commercial solar installs are taking longer than they need to.  Try one on your next job and find out for yourself!