Enphase IQ Gateway (Envoy) Metered + DRM


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    The Enphase® IQ Gateway  Metered + DRM communications gateway delivers solar production and energy consumption data to Enphase® Enlighten monitoring and analysis software for comprehensive, remote maintenance and management of the Enphase System. 

    With production metering and consumption monitoring options, Envoy IQ Gateway+DRM is the platform for total energy management and integrates with the Enphase® AC Battery.

    Use with the Enphase AC Battery

    The Envoy IQ Gateway + DRM reads the energy consumption in addition to the solar generation which allows the amount of excess solar generation to be accurately measured.   This is achieved by having a current transformer (CT) for the solar supply and a current transformer (CT) for the supply from the grid.  This provides the ability to accurately size the amount of battery storage required to store the excess solar generation for use at a later time.
    The Enphase AC Batteries are connected to the switchboard using a standard single, twin and earth, power cable and circuit breaker. The IQ Gateway Metered + DRM communicates via this power cable using powerline carrier which is a small signal over the 230V power circuit (no communication cables required).
    The IQ Gateway Metered + DRM also communicates with microinverters in the solar system using power line carrier.
    It is recommended that the IQ Gateway Metered + DRM is installed to gather data so an informed decision on battery capacity can be made.  For example if there is only a small amount of excess solar generation only one or maybe two Enphase AC batteries may be required rather than purchasing a large energy storage system.

    To find out more about the features and benefits of the Enphase AC battery click here

    Suitable for single, two or three phase installations.

    Includes 2x100A split-core CT’s for consumption and solar production.

    Additional CT’s can be used to monitor more phases.


    Internet Communication

    The IQ Gateway Metered + DRM has inbuilt Wi-Fi, Ethernet or optional mobile capability allowing variety of methods for connect to the internet. Perfect for Australian homes! The mobile capability is provided by the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem.  To find out more about Enphase Mobile Connect click here The IQ Gateway Metered + DRM has bidirectional communications to allow for remote upgrades of microinverters and can communicate with up to 600 micro inverters. That's commercial systems up to 150kW with one Envoy. For larger commercial systems multiple gateaway's can be used.

    What does DRM stand for?

    DRM is an acronym for Demand Response Mode.

    What is DRM?

    DRM is new Australian Standards requirement for grid connected inverters as per AS NZS 4777.2-2015. DRM are a set of various operating modes  (DRM 0, DRM 1, ......DRM 8) which the inverter can be set to. Below are the various Demand Response Modes.

    • DRM 0   Operate the disconnection device
    • DRM 1   Do not consume power
    • DRM 2  Do not consume at more than 50% of rated power
    • DRM 3  Do not consume at more than 75% of rated power AND Source reactive power if capable
    • DRM 4  Increase power consumption (subject to constraints from other active DRMs)
    • DRM 5  Do not generate power
    • DRM 6  Do not generate at more than 50% of rated power
    • DRM 7  Do not generate at more than 75% of rated power AND Sink reactive power if capable
    • DRM 8  Increase power generation (subject to constraints from other active DRMs)
    The standards require that the inverter shall support the demand response mode DRM 0 and should support the other demand response modes. NOTE: The only mandatory demand response mode is DRM 0. Support for other demand response modes is optional and may not be applicable for all sizes of inverters. The electricity utility selects the mode via a demand response enabling device (DRED) which is a separate device connected to the Envoy S Metered + DRM.  A signal is sent over the power lines to the DRED by the utility to operate the various modes.  (power line carrier signal)

    Why have DRM?

    This allows electricity utilities to control the operation of the inverter to better manage the demand and stability of the electricity grid.  This allows more solar to be connected to the grid while maintaining effective grid stability.

    Is DRM a separate device to the Envoy IQ Gateway + DRM?

    No, there is no additional device required. DRM is included in the Envoy IQ Gateway + DRM.  The DRED is a separate device.



     This video explains how the IQ Gateway Metered is installed.

    Enlighten: Overview for installers

    This video provides system installers with an overview of Enlighten and how it ties into the system commissioning process.
    Manufacturers warranty of 5 years To read more about Enphase Energy please click here