Hyundai 440W N-Type HJT bifacial with UV coating - HiT-S440OF (30mm frame)


  • Item ID: 2512
  • SKU number: HiT-H440OF-BF


  • Pallet quantity: 36 panels/pallet
  • Series: OF
  • Cells: 108x N-Type HJT cells
  • Size: 440W
  • Dimensions: 1722x1134x30
  • Frame: 30mm black
  • Weight: 22.0kG
  • Connectors: Genuine MC4
  • Backsheet: White
  • Warranty: 30 years
  • Lead Length: 1.2m

Key Features

  • High-End Heterojunction Technology
  • For Both Residential & Commercial Applications
  • More power generation in low light
  • Designed in Korea
  • 30 Years Product and performance Warranty


High Efficiency with HJT Technology

HJT (Heterojunction Technology) cells with excellent light absorption and passivation effects can increase module efficiency.

Enhanced Power Generation with low Temperature Coefficient

Low temperature coefficient (-0.26%/°C) enables modules to generate more electricity, which allows the perfect suitability for rooftop installations with large temperature fluctuation

Long Term Reliability

HeteroMax ™ Iis durable and high- yield product with an N-type wafer that eliminates LID. It uses a TCO film and features a double glass design to prevent internal material corrosion.

Higher Bifaciaclity

HJT’s natural bifacial symmetrical structure brings higher bifaciality up to 90% and generates about 2%-4% higher power than bifacial PERC Cells.

Reliable Warranty

Backed by Hyundai's strong financial stability, this panel comes with a dependable 30-year warranty covering material, workmanship, and performance.

  • 30-Year Product Warranty-  Materials and workmanship
  • 30-Year Performance Warranty - First year degradation: 1%. Linear warranty after second year: with 0.375%p annual degradation, 88% is guaranteed up to 30 years
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